Photo Journal

This blog is a little window into my life. This is my way of sharing the beautiful moments of my life with a larger audience. Photography is a great medium for self expression. To capture the moment on film is an attempt to retain the feeling associated with it, which is why i wrote the circumstances and emotions that led to every you can feel it too.
 My style of photography can best be described as observational and non-intrusive... trying to capture life as it happens!          
Our Home, Lahore   

An ode to my mothers love, commitment and God-given talent for gardening. Her plants bloom like no where else i have ever seen, sometimes i feel thats their way of giving back, for all the care she shows them.

Polo Match, Lahore Polo Club

It was a charity match, on a chilly yet beautiful day. After a lovely lunch and a very enjoyable conversation i was treated to a thriller game, with both sides really battling it out for glory.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The law qaud reminded me of Hogwarts, I wouldnt have been surprized if i saw a few students flying around on brooms.

Bhurban, Pakistan

Northern area's of Pakistan are possibly one of the most surreal and picturesque places...where you can see the beauty and grandeur of Nature, at its best.  

Georgia National Fair, Macon

I thought this horse was was a sunny day in Macon and the sun made his brown coat shine like velvet...such an elegant creature.

Stanford, California

I took a train from Merced to Stockton, then a bus to San Jose, then another train to Stanford..phew! You know how they say, the journey is more than the destination.. well in this case the journey was definately at par with the destination.  

Chora Church ceiling, Turkey

Getting to this church took quite an effort... i was in an adventurous mood and decided to get there by local transport...well walked to a nearby bus station, struggled with communication big time, but finally got on the right bus... the stop for the church was at a distance away from it, so walked through istunbul's old neighbourhood's narrow streets and bazaar's to finally get there! This church is a little jewel full of extraordinary mosaics... on the way back i caught the local ferry back to Sultanahmet...what a day.
Autumn in Atlanta

It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly but very pleasant. I had an exam that morning so didnt even notice the beauty around me until i came out in the afternoon and was walking back to my hotel nearby. I hardly slept the night before so was very tired, but walking back the fresh air and autumn leaves really lifted my spirit, so i took this photograph to capture a little glimpse of what i was feeling.

"Big Bambu", Metropolitan Museum of Art

This was an installation on the Roof Garden, called "Big Bambu: you cant, you dont, and you wont stop". It was a huge growing and changing sculpture beacuse the artists kept adding bamboo's to it. There was an internal footpath in the maze which gave it some architectural flair. 

Sushi Bar, Dubai

 Ive always been fascinated by very intrigued buy its culture, traditions, people, way of life and ofcourse i love the food. I saw this electric sushi bar in Dubai and instantly loved the feel of it, very chic. 

Ranaissance Festival, Houston

One of my favorite film genres is period movies, so you can imagine what a tantalizing experience this must have been for me. This couple really stood out...they really looked like royalty, almost cunniving in a way.

Central Park, New York 

I took this phototgraph while walking towards the Boathouse...i looked back and there was just one boat out in the lake! its amazing how sometimes a photograph falls perfectly into place.

Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles

Historic landmark, right on Hollywood Boulevard... I was strolling around looking for a shot, and the architecture and rustic feel of this building really stood out to me. This photograph is one of my personal favorites.

Winter, Flagstaff

I love winter, maybe because i grew up in a country where summer is endless and unrelenting. Whatever the reason, i have always felt a strange feeling of peace and calm at this time of the year. Flagstaff has a beautiful winter, a photographers paradise in my opinion.

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

Lahore is a very historical city, with many fine examples of Mughal architecture, one of which is the Wazir Khan Mosque, famous for its glazed tile mosaics. This is the corner minaret stretching to the heavens.

Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows

 I was lucky to be there for the US Open 2010. My favorite player of all time, Roger Federer had a epic semifinal against Novak Djokovic...possibly one of the best matches of the year. The energy and anticipation of the crowd in the packed stadium, especially in the deciding fifth set, was unforgetable. 

Pier 39, San Francisco

A walk along the harbour is so refreshing, especially in the morning. One can almost smell the mouth watering seafood in the air. My only complaint is the wind chill, otherwise this city is flawless.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

   You have to climb a 272 steps staircase to get to the caves, i had to stop three times to catch my was quite a morning workout. From the top of the staircase the hindu temple below was an awesome sight, with possibly the largest Murugan statue i have ever seen. 

Hay House, Georgia
This house was built in the late 1850's, yet it was way ahead of its time with central heating and intercom service, which i thought was very was well worth a visit, i loved the italian renaissance architecture.

The Lion King, Broadway

Even though taking photographs is not allowed inside broadway shows...i was seated a while before the performance started so i couldnt help but snap this shot! in a way im glad i did...because it turned out to be a very entertaining evening, and this picture serves as a good souvenier of a fantastic show.

Golden Palace, Bangkok

Thailand is a great cultural center, especially because of its Buddhist heritage...its such a mystery to im not that familiar with buddhism! but observing the lifestyle of monks opened a new window of understanding for me.      

Inside Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

 Turkey for me was a great every way. From its rich history to its architecture, cuisine, people, and Rumi influenced spirituality, everything seemed to be in harmony with its enviorment. I would love to go back there some day.   

El Cap. Yosemite National Park

  I took this photograph in 2008, at Yosemite National Park, California. Back then i was very new to landscape photography, and was not familiar with Ansel Adams, and his infamous works at Yosemite. Later when i was introduced to his work, i was fascinated by the tireless effort he put into making prints, while today in the "digital age" everything seems to be so easy for us, yet what we do pales in comparison to his work. I dedicate this photograph to his work.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

I was in Dubai a few months before the grand inauguration of this magnificent steel structure... this was the view from my friends apartment building, where i was staying...can you imagine!