About a Boy

I saw this boy on a street in old city, Lahore..and was struck by his innocense, charm and beauty. It was a busy market square, with a crowd of people going about thier business, but he was oblivious to it all, lost in his own world. While those around him had eyes that lacked emotion, his eyes sparkled with love for life... his smile was like a ray of hope for a better future.    

Lost Generation

Pakistan is a country in which most of the population live at or below the poverty level...most childern dont have the means to education, so their skill and brilliance is lost...but when i see them, their eyes and faces are full of desire, happiness and a yearning for a better future.

The Setting Sun

The sun sumbolizes a bright promising future, but sunset for me can be taken as time running out especially In the case of these children...they need our love and support to enjoy, learn and lead a life they were meant to.